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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mexico Beach Still Oil Free

Well, the Storm Bonnie fizzled out to be a pretty big nothing---that's a good thing for everybody.   The biggest impact she had was it put working on the oil well off many days.   I thought it was a little silly for them to remove the boom from St. Joe Bay for this storm but I guess its better to be safe than sorry.

I believe they will be resuming their work at the oil well within the next several days.   At least the well was capped during this time and seems to be holding.   No more free flow of oil!! 

The last time I blogged the oil plume was 125 miles from Panama City, now its 160 miles---still heading AWAY from us!!!!    

We've had no oil impact up to this date and its looking increasingly good that we may never have any impact!!!

Finally my phone calls asking about the oil spill have stopped and are back to calling about property!!!


Inquiries, showings, offers have definitely increased within the last week or so.    In fact, its been downright busy again!!!

I don't believe the threat of oil has had any huge impact on the real estate prices here-----it did ruin several deals-----It would be interesting to talk to those buyers now that walked away from some pretty good deals to see if they regret making that decision.

Our prices have fallen slightly since the oil well fiasco begun although I'm not sure it had anything to do with the oil.  

There are some good deals out there-----you never know what someone is going to take unless you make them an offer!   

Interest rates are still hovering around 5%.

If interested in buying or selling give me a call!!

Have a great week and below are my words of wisdom for this week!

And don't forget..............The carpet said

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