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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on the oil spill in Mexico Beach

The well has been successfully capped although they are still testing it to make sure it is going to "hold" (for lack of a more technical term).   This, of course, is not the end all---the well still has to be plugged to stop the oil from escaping altogether.   The relief wells are ahead of schedule and could be finished by the end of July to mid-august.

The skimmers are working more effeciently and if they ever get that big "whale" skimmer working I think we will have a very good handle on everything.

I don't know why its taken so long, but they have finally gotten some people working on this problem that know what they are doing!!!!


Mexico Beach has remained oil free--the oil plume is over 140 miles from Panama City, so even farther away from us!!!

I believe we may come out unscathed in this whole mess!   Our beaches are beautiful, the water clean!

We have daily fly overs and boats scouting the area daily----we have no reported oil of any kind from the oil spill!!!

Our industry, real estate and tourism has been adversely affected due to the threat of oil hitting our beaches simply because it seemed like there was no stopping the oil gushing from the well.

Now, that there has been some containment and it looks like there is an end in sight, and we our beaches have not been impacted, I believe both industries will come back even stronger!!!

If you've been holding off waiting to see what was going to happen---you may want to get off that fence while interest rates are still so low, and sellers still motivated!!!

We have continued to show property and write contracts during all this, albeit at a slower rate than normal----I think that is about to change!

Please feel free to call me anytime!

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