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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend update Mexico Beach Fl

The winds have shifted and are now expected to push the oil plume this way (I mean east of where it is right now) over the next several days.  However, the winds right now are light.

It still has a ways to get to our beaches, and there is no expectation it will reach Mexico Beach over the next 3 days------that's as far out as they predict.  I believe it will take longer than that and the winds would have to continue to blow it our way for quite some time. 

So for right now................our weather is gorgeous, the beach is clean, the water wonderful......come and enjoy!!!!

Federal waters are closed out to the Cape.  State waters are still open, up to 9 miles out from Mexico Beach.   

I talked to some friend who went fishing yesterday---They went 35 miles out---to Federal Waters that are not closed and caught a ton of fish...................Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack!!!    They had a great time!!!


As for real estate---------yep, its slowed way down!!     We are still showing property and signing contracts although not at the pace we were before the O. S. (oil spill).    

The people that are looking and buying are people who feel extremely confident that now is a great time to buy---prices down, interest rates just over 4%, the oil may or may not come.    If it does come, we clean it up and move on!   They are buying for the long haul!

If you are looking to purchase, give me a call and we'll get started looking!

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