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Monday, January 10, 2011

January at the Beach, Mexico Beach Fl

We have not been able to escape the colder than normal winter that everyone else is experiencing!   We had more below freezing nights so far than we usually have all winter!    My poor plants!

However, while my sister in Texas made snowmen yesterday and many customers in Georgia woke to snow and ice this morning, I am not going to complain about my 45 degrees!     At least I'm at the beach!!


Six  properties have already been put under contract so far this year!!!    I'd say we are going to have another good selling year!!   Three of the six are foreclosures. 

Our inventory is getting pretty low!    Unless we get an onslaught of new properties on the market, the theory of supply and demand kicks in.   I believe we are at the bottom of the market, which means we have no where to go but up.  I don't think for a minute our prices will spike.  I believe it will be a very slight and probably inconsistent uptick in values. 

The other 3 Properties put under contract in January.

Interest rates are still under 5%!!

Welcome to all the snowbirds!!! 
Don't forget about Mexico Beach's trip to Biloxi in February.
If interested, call Kimberly at the Welcome Center. 850-648-8169.
You have to register by Feb. 9.  The cost is only $99 per person which includes the bus ride, $45 free play, and meals!!
I just sent out my year end newsletter ---if you are on my database and didn't get it let me know.

Have a great week, stay warm, and don't hesitate to call me if you are looking to buy or sell!!
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