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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sun Shining in Mexico Beach Florida!

It's a gorgeous day today!   A little chilly for my thin blood (52 degrees) but the sun is shining and that makes everything okay!!!

I'm really trying hard not to complain about our colder than normal temps.  I've got customers who tell me its 1, yes that's ONE degree, others say "it warmed up to 20 today",  "had to start shoveling snow at 4:00 to get to work on time" I guess I can't complain because I have a light layer of frost on my windshield!!

Just to let you know and yes, to rub it in a bit.......
  • Our Average temps in January are highs in the low 60's and lows in the 40's.  
  • Our Average temps in February (I can't wait) are highs in the high 60's and lows in the mid 40's.
  • Our Average in March (I REALLY can't wait) are highs in the low 70's and lows in the 50's. 

There are quite a few things happening in the area in late February.  Don't forget to check out my calendar to plan your schedule.     Local Events for February.


As for real estate-----it wasn't super busy last week but below is the link to show what properties went under contract.   Amazingly, 5 of the 8 properties were vacant lots!!
Properties put under contract last week.   

In fact, there are just about as many vacant lots under contract as residential properties!    Perhaps that's because you can now buy a lot for $20,000!!! 

The problem with lots is if you have to finance.   Finance terms are terrible----if you can find a lender that will finance a lot, they are asking for at least 25% down  at sometimes 7-8% interest for only 3-5 years.   That's why cash is king when buying a lot!!!

There are some great lots available though.  Mexico Beach does not allow you to put a camper or mobile home on lots but St. Joe Beach does----so if you are interested in buying a lot, let me know what you plan on doing with it so I can send you properties that meet that criteria!!!

Speaking of mobile homes in Mexico Beach----since you can no longer bring in a mobile home in Mexico Beach, they actually have a little more value here than anywhere else!!!
They are grandfathered in, so there is no problem in buying one that is already here.   Mobile homes have been here forever and have weathered all the storms we've had so far sooooo its my guess they will last many more!

They can, at the very least, allow you to have a bit more affordable weekend retreat at the beach and maybe later on build a nice home or sell when the values appreciate!!!
Mobile homes in Mexico Beach.     I believe all of these are negotiable--make an offer!!


Our inventory is really down----so unless we get a bunch of new listings in the spring---the properties that are on the market now are going to sell!!!    Interest rates are holding around 5%.

Have a great and WARM week and don't hesitate to call me with any questions about ANY property in the area!!!


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